From the Neocon Rehab Ward…

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…comes the vile and thoroughly corrupt Wolfowitz, urging Obama to step up his efforts to stop Iran’s nuclear programs.

With evidently intentional irony, Wolfowitz calls the kettle black: “Iran’s rulers have shown that they care little if their people suffer,” he whines, so sanctions might not work. But he nonetheless advocates the toughest sanctions possible because “circumstances in Iran are no longer normal.”

Sometimes I wonder if the dialectical minds of the neo-left even listen to themselves (Descartes, call your office!). The slimy-smooth Wolfowitz obviously doesn’t care if innocent Iranian civilians suffer either. Mathematically (and Descartes was first a mathematician) and logically, Wolfowitz has embraced the same squalid ethics which he imputes to Ahmadinejad. And then he cheerfully invites us to join hands with him in his moral malaise.

In Europe, the Financial Times is regarded much more than the WSJ these days. FT’s editors are quite savvy. Here—with a sly wink—they have allowed Wolfowitz to declare to the world his utter and pompous degeneracy.

9:42 am on September 28, 2009