From the Military to Libertarianism

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via Paul, Rothbard, Rockwell, Spooner, Mises, and Hoppe:

I spent 10 years in the military, in technically three services, although the national guard and army are essentially the same. I started in the Marines, where I learned to kill people methodically and with great efficiency. Boot camp was a bizarre place that I mainly observed in a detached way, as if I had been stranded in a Star Trek universe on a weird communist planet consisting of nationalist slogans, screaming, and physical abuse. What was interesting was the behavior, after a time, of the young brainwashed “recruits” aping the Drill Instructors. It’s much like a cycle of child abuse. The abused becomes the abuser. Many yearned to become abusers to enjoy the sadism themselves, which the Marines make difficult. Only the most robotic and zealous become “makers of Marines.”

People wonder how kids from Midwestern farms and small towns become the abusers of prisoners in obscure detention facilities. It’s programmed behavior by the government.

On my Mediterranean “cruise” which turned into a debacle in Kurdish Northern Iraq, the brothels in Turkey were set aside for the sailors, who bragged of having been previous customers. Interestingly enough they knew before going that many of the prostitutes were working off an imprisoned spouse’s debt for the Turkish State. Even in my addled and brainwashed head at the time I found that abhorrent, while still yearning to slaughter the enemy for the flag and apple pie.

At Camp Lejuene I saw the same behavior when large deployments went out. The NCO and off post clubs were packed immediately with wives looking for fresh meat. One bar called the Thunderbird in Jacksonville NC was known as the “dependent’s lounge.” The busiest nights where those the day a ship had left port to “police the waves.”

Finally in the Army, which I lovingly refer to as the Uniformed Welfare Service, I saw through the insanity and left in disgust. I think back now in amazement, realizing the propaganda and conditioning that led me there. Libertarianism led me to Paul, Rothbard and Rockwell, Spooner, Mises and Hoppe, and onto an understanding of the horror of war and the crime that is government. Interestingly, in my business I deal with a lot of veterans, and almost overwhelmingly they have a libertarian bent, and hate these wars. It’s no wonder that veterans who abhor the police state are considered the number one threat towards the homeland security goons.

I can no longer automatically kow tow to those of the uniformed class, or any representative of the state for that matter. I’ve seen through the bullshit and lies to the core of the matter, force itself, and the monopoly of it, which is all government is.

4:48 pm on May 3, 2012