From Not to Hot

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Writes C.J. Maloney: “Unfortunately, Dr. Paul still hasn’t crossed the hurdle (in the eyes of the MSM) from Not to Hot. Despite (again) breaking a fund raising record with a $6 million haul yesterday, I do not see any of my local papers (NY Times, Post, Daily News, or Newsday) making so much as a peep about it. While my little brothers are apoplectic about it, I advise them to think about it. Ron Paul has shown everyone that he can raise oodles of cash – I believe his last hurdle is that he must show he can bring in the votes, too.

“Until then, the MSM has, in their eyes, a right to ignore him as much as possible. I am looking forward to NH.

“PS WHY do we keep talking about Fred Thompson?!?!? During the debates, it looks like he’s one wink away from slumping over the podium and snoring. He wants nothing to do with the entire process. And what was up with Alan Keyes in Iowa? Does he hand out business cards that say ‘professional campaigner’? Outside of running for office whenever the
RNC rings his cell, what exactly does he do for a living?”

10:17 am on December 17, 2007