First Krugman, Now Obama

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If the economically-ignorant Paul Krugman could win the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics while continuing to promote the exact same economic policies that got us into our current economic mess, why shouldn’t Barack Obama win the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for escalating an unjust war in Afghanistan plus starting a potential new war by already bombing Pakistan (something even his predecessor didn’t have the “pleasure” of doing)?

What did George Orwell write in 1984? War is Peace? I guess so—at least according to the Nobel Peace Prize committee members.

(And yes, Lew, this prize is a preemptive pardon for all of the upcoming Obama military aggressions we have to look forward to. But look at it this way: if right-wing warmonger Henry Kissinger could win the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize though he had secretly promoted the bombing of Cambodia, why shouldn’t left-wing warmonger Barack Obama win the current Nobel Peace Prize for openly doing the same thing in Pakistan?)

5:17 am on October 9, 2009