Friends and Enemies

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Last night’s presentation at Tulsa’s Ron Paul Headquarters on the John Birch Society was very edifying and enjoyable. Those persons attending were provided excellent factual information and materials regarding why they should consider joining this long-standing educational/political action organization for constitutional principles and limited government.

In addition to the presenters, I briefly touched on some matters relating to the history of the JBS and the long standing smear campaign of vilification and attack upon the Society by elements of the synthetic “conservative movement” directed by the late William F. Buckley Jr. and his National Review circle.

The JBS was only one of many specific targets of this group since the founding of NR in 1955. Others have included novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, Old Right author John T. Flynn, Murray N. Rothbard and the libertarians, the Cato Institute and Inquiry Magazine (see editorials “Attack” and “Counter Attack”), writers Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran, Lew Rockwell and LRC, and most recently, Ron Paul and his followers. All of the aforementioned were deemed heretics of the established church by self-styled “conservative” Pope William F. Buckley and his curia.

These were not random targets but part of a sophisticated attack strategy by elements of the intelligence community going back decades in attacking specific groups or individuals deemed enemies of the state and of the CIA’s phony “conservative movement” created to justify and rationalize the projection of imperial power and hegemony of the national security state.

In politics you must know your enemies as well as your friends and allies.

How many Mitt Romney advisors and future sub-cabinet members can you name from this collection?

4:16 pm on May 25, 2012