Freethought = Hate = Treason

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Bill: That slugs like Krugman can get away with such mindless proposals is a tribute to the school system and the media, which have combined to create minds incapable of empirical and analytical thought. Perhaps the federal “hate crime” legislation being hustled through Congress – and without media attention – would better suit Krugman’s penchant for mind-control. One provision of the bill would criminalize speech uttered with “intent to . . . cause substantial emotional distress to a person. . . .” All Krugman would have to allege is that he is a “person” who suffers “substantial emotional distress” whenever the tens of thousands of scientists deny the human causation of global warming. (On the other hand, what about the rest of us who suffer such “emotional distress” whenever Krugman and his ilk speak?) One advocacy group for this measure would go so far as to apply it to those who support the Second Amendment! (Is the Constitution a piece of “hate literature?”)

And how would we know whether anyone made statements with such “intent” to cause “distress?” CBS’ “Sixty Minutes” had a segment on last night’s show revealing work being done by neuro-scientists that will permit – “within 3 to 5 years,” according to one – the reading of brains to identify the specific content of one’s thinking. (Who would have an incentive to fund such research???)

And if none of this works out for Krugman and the rest of the mind-control crowd, they can always fall back on the ultimate police-state offense provided by the late Kurt Vonnegut: “suspicion of intent to conspire.”

9:28 am on June 29, 2009