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The president’s family descended on Northern Ireland to enjoy a lavish holiday in a five-star hotel, where just their room (one of 30 they have commandeered) goes for a cool $3,300 dollars per night. The first family’s two-day vacation to Northern Ireland is estimated to cost our families some $5.2 million. Not many working American families can afford a vacation at all, but they have no choice but chip in for the Obama family’s fun and games.

When the masters of the universe decide to grace some far flung satrapy with a visit, the entire area is on lockdown, destroying local lives and the local economy for the duration — and the “fortunate” locals dare not protest the inconvenience! There are places for those who question.

The first class holiday for the first family is said to be the “biggest security operation ever mounted in Northern Ireland” — and in a region that not long ago was mired in brutal warfare and terrorism that is saying quite a bit!

4:25 pm on June 18, 2013