Shelly Roche’s Overview of the Cybersecurity Act

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Shelly Roche (of Freedom Watch) gives a short, concise overview of our Orwellian gunvernment’s latest push to erode our personal freedoms—S. 773: The Cybersecurity Act of 2009:

You’ll notice a familiar name as one of the co-sponsors of this monstrosity—Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. Yes, Sen. Rockefeller is a member of that wonderful banking dynasty that gave us the finest institution ever created on the planet: The Federal Reserve System. In step with his ancestors, Sen. Rockefeller is attempting to give us yet another Rockefeller/Government creation to make our lives even more miserable—as if the ever-dwindling purchasing power of the Federal Reserve Notes that Great Grandpa John D. Rockefeller foisted on us (in cahoots, of course, with the Morgans and Warburgs) isn’t enough.

[Thanks to Philip Giordani for this video.]

UPDATE: Justin Schoville writes:

An interesting point Shelly Roche indicated was Section 14 b, indicating the President:

“may declare a cybersecurity emergency and order the limitation or shutdown of Internet traffic to and from any compromised Federal Government or United States critical infrastructure information system or network.”

Now the two key terms in this are Federal Government system or network and critical infrastructure information system or network. A Federal Government system is understandably under this measure, however, whats a critical infrastructure information system?

Upon further inspection in the “definition” section at the end of the bill, Rockefeller and Co. tell us:

“State, local, and nongovernmental information systems and networks in the United States designated by the President as critical infrastructure information systems and networks.”

Oh I see- the President can shut down any traffic on any nongovernmental system as long as he declares it to be “critical”. Interesting.

One of the reasons this bill was introduced I imagine is to prevent a loss to our economic sector due to cyber-crime, and to prevent the theft of intellectual property rights. However, what will be the commercial reaction when the President has uniform internet regulations for private business and can shut down their internet at any time due to an “emergency”? The seen effect of this is to limit any damage to the nation by regulation and government intervention. The unseen effect will be the failure of government to protect these private networks to the standard they have had currently without intervention. I predict quality of protection will decrease and the business sector will be hurt more by the passing of this bill than not.

10:11 pm on June 12, 2009