Freedom Tour: Cities Being Dropped?

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I like the idea of Freedom Tour ’08, which some folks are doing for free this summer on behalf of Ron Paul and his ideas. But they’re in danger of having to cancel their stops in certain cities. Here’s what they say:
We have 15 cities confirmed on the tour. This is really exciting. But…

It’s come down to the wire. This evening, many cities will be dropped from the Freedom Tour. This is not something we want to do, but not a single person in any of the cities listed below has stepped up to do what is really just a little bit of work. In fact, let me tell you what’s involved here. It’s quite basic, and easy.

What does a city organizer need to do:
You need to find a venue. A good club in a good area is perfect.
They should have sound, if not, we will help you with that.
We will give you pre-written letters to send to radio stations, TV and Newspapers. You just need to look them up and send them off.
You contact the meetups in your area and make them aware of the date/location.

A common misconception about the Freedom Tour! This is not about preaching to the choir. This is an effort to GROW the movement. Music is the perfect bridge builder and respected messenger. The music is soft-rock and folk-rock We expect greater than 50% of the crowds to be non-Ron Paul supporters. As a meetup, this is the PERFECT opportunity to recruit new members to your group.

The total time it has taken our existing organizers to get prepared is 2 hours so far, and they have a venue and sounds all sorted. When we send them the letters, we expect it will take them another 2-3 hours to find the address to send them to and get them off. This is NOT a lot of work.

So jump on board and save your city from being dropped. If you know of others in these cities, call them and ask them to jump on this!

To get on board, email right now. Either Nick or Sherry will then call you and make sure everything is ok. Put your phone number in the email please, email is slow.

Here’s the cities yet to have an organizer…

New Jersey
New York City
San Diego
San Fran
St. Louis
St. Paul

3:47 pm on May 23, 2008