Freedom and Jazz

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For awhile I blogged here on jazz birthdays, and a search with my name and jazz birthdays will uncover many of these blogs. I got a fair amount of static from doing so, one person even regarding it as spam. He wanted his steady diet of anti-statism undiluted by the positive sides of freedom. Fortunately I received a much larger amount of positive than negative feedback from those freedom-lovers who recognized the mutual connections between freedom and jazz.

This morning I have learned that Butler Shaffer is a Dixieland fan and that Murray Rothbard loved 20s and 30s jazz. This is no proof that a love of jazz leads to a love of freedom or vice versa, but it does suggest that they are perhaps highly compatible. What does one want freedom for if not peaceful self-expression of what one loves, and isn’t jazz a vital form of such expression?

8:40 am on November 21, 2013