Free Talk Live Host Sentenced To 93 Days In Jail

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For refusing to follow the dictates of the City of Keene, NH, and for denying to participate in the legal process against him, Ian “Freeman” Bernard, host of the nationally syndicated libertarian show Free Talk Live was sentenced today to 93 days in jail.

Notice, in this video video shot by a fellow supporter and activist how, within ten seconds of starting the proceedings, Bernard is taken to an alternate courtroom to separate him from the rest.There is a backstory to all of this. The local despots have been keeping a close eye on the activists, no doubt reading the web forums and keeping informed of their plans for peaceful noncompliance and civil disobedience. Thus, this entire court appearance was planned and executed swiftly. Notice, for example, that the bailiff (in the video above) was already walking, handcuffs ready, before the judge orders Bernard into custody.

Local activists did recently make some headway into getting the court to allow the panning of video cameras in the court. As a listener of the show, I believe that another reason why Bernard was moved to an alternate courtroom was to prevent video of this from getting out.

The sentence of almost 100 days was done, in my opinion, to send a message to those out there who would defy the state.

(All of this reminds me of today’s Lew Rockwell show with Dr. Roderick Long where they discuss the problems of having the state handle justice.)

8:51 pm on November 14, 2008