Free Enterprise and the Environment

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(May 14 2012)

In this lecture, I argued that free enterprise not only will help the environment but is the best way to help the environment. Without prices established only by the market, individuals within the market lack the knowledge to decide how to best allocate resources among competing valuable uses. Without prices, you can’t have rational planning. Furthermore, state intervention via subsidies, tax incentives, public ownership, etc., distorts the price mechanism, which in turn can create negative consequences for the environment.

Although this is a long lecture, this is an extremely important issue, so the following includes a list of topics (and the time at which they begin):

Air pollution (@5:27)
Paper bags v. plastic bags (@18:00)
Overpopulation (@25:50)
Forests (@30:25)
Running out of resources (@35:12)
Species extinction (@35:12, related to previous topic)
Environmental racism (@45:50)
Global warming (@50:30)
Conclusion (@53:47)
Q&A (@54:20)

12:06 pm on July 27, 2012