Franke’s Verdict

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Writes David Franke:

The vice presidential debate was pretty much a draw. Your answer to “Who won?” probably depends on who you were for beforehand.

Joe Biden’s big weakness was his mocking attitude toward Ryan. I didn’t mind that—my preference would be to see them duke it out physically there on the stage. But we’ve seen a real feminization of American politics, and women don’t like that kind of stuff.

Paul Ryan’s big weakness was Afghanistan. The American people are tired of war, and Biden understood that, driving home the point that we will be out of Afghanistan in 2014, and the Afghans had better be able to preserve their country because we’re no longer going to do that for them. Home run! Can anyone really tell me what Ryan’s position was? Oh, we’ll be out in 2014, he says (seeing votes slipping away in droves), but…but what? His whole effort seemed to be to paint Obama-Biden as “weak” everywhere, and all he did was underscore that there isn’t a war the warmongering Republicans don’t like.

7:54 am on October 12, 2012