Frank Schaeffer the Pest

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Karen, I have known Frank Schaeffer for 40 years, and the guy always has been a total attention-seeking jerk.  I’m not surprised that Rachel Maddow has featured him as though he were some sort of expert.  (I remember last year when she had no problem at all with people who called George W. Bush a “Nazi,” but now referring to anyone that she likes politically in the same way is engaging in a hate crime.)

About 25 years ago, Frank made a movie called “Wired to Kill” which truly is one of the worst pieces of garbage ever put on the screen.  My friend K.L. Billingsley, who works for the Pacific Research Institute, wrote a review of the movie for The Wittenberg Door, and if anyone can find a copy of it, please do, for it is great. I also find it repulsive to see “Franky” attack his father, who was a great man, and a good friend of our family for many years.

Now that the Religious Right is out of power and Frank no longer can get attention from those people, he conveniently has become a lefty who lies about his family and friends.  The guy is a jerk, a total jerk, and if this is an example of what Maddow has on her show, then shame on anyone who claimed that she was a “libertarian.”  She is a totalitarian, pure and simple.

6:04 pm on August 8, 2009