Forget About Keeping Your Powder Dry in Nazi York City

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I went for a badly-needed haircut today. (It had been over two months.) After my hairdresser Shannon was done cutting my hair, she started cleaning the back of my neck and the sides of my face with a towel (which was a little rough, i.e., uncomfortable). I asked Shannon where the usual soft brush that she put talcum powder on to clean the hairs away from my neck and face was.

Are you ready for this? Better sit down. Better yet, lie down. Even better yet, lie down and bite on a bullet. Shannon told me that the Health Nazis in New York City told the hair salon that hairdressers are no longer allowed to use the brush-with-powder method to clean clients off after a haircut because using the same brush that is not sterilized between each customer is unsanitary.

I’ve been getting my haircut followed up by my neck and face being cleaned with a powdered brush for over 50 years. OVER 50 YEARS. OVER 50 YEARS. Yet, “somehow,” I’ve seemed to survive without any health issue whatsoever arising from this “unsanitary” method all these years.

I’ve written it before. I’m writing it now. And I’ll continue to write it until the institution of government is abolished from the planet. The power to license is the power to control. And control is all that licensing is about. Period.

(By the way, I’m thinking about buying my own soft brush and bringing it to my next haircut. Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if I now need an NYC permit to own one.)

3:59 pm on January 29, 2011