Forest Fires, Evacuations, and LRC

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Vaughn Kraft wrote me Friday:

“My wife and I were asked to evacuate our home today. Why? Because there was a forest fire directly behind us which the government allowed to get out of control…This fire…was started by some guys having target practice when a bullet created a spark, which led to a full-blown fire. The shot that started the fire was reported to the government goons right after they saw that the spark had created a fire. So here we are two days and four thousand PLUS acres later of public land that has been burnt to the ground…

“At first we were going to evacuate, so we packed our animals in the car and started to leave our tract, when we ran into an NBC newsman and a couple of our neighbors (chatting in the street). When I pulled up to them wearing my anarcho-capitalist hat, the newsman started to ask me if we were planning to evacuate right away. However, one of the two neighbors (a young guy) said that he and his wife were NOT going to evacuate…because once you leave the area, the ‘goons’ will not allow you back in! Anyway…the young guy who was standing there listening popped up and said to me: ‘Hey! I like your hat! I go on LRC all the time.’ To that I replied: ‘Hey! That’s great!…’ Then I also asked him if he had read Rothbard, to which he replied: ‘Yep!’…I just made an LRC friend in light of potentially tragic circumstances.”

Vaughn and his wife wisely stayed put. He advised me the next day, “…[W]hen I awoke this morning almost all of the smoke was gone, but of course the goons are not letting anyone back into our neighborhood. I am so glad we decided to stay.”

Yep. Never, ever listen to bureaucrats contending that they have your well-being close to their power-hungry, shriveled little hearts. Actually, never, ever listen to whatever lies they’re mouthing.

11:45 am on June 24, 2012