Foreign Killings vs. Local Killings

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From an LRC reader:

You may have heard of the murder-suicide that took place yesterday with a linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs killing his girlfriend and then driving to the KC practice facility and killing himself in front of his coaches. This is a tragic event and his and his girlfriend’s infant daughter will now have to grow up without either parent. But as tragic as this is, it just increases my depression over the fact that our military can kill millions of people of all ages anywhere in the world that it chooses using the most horrific weapons of mass destruction such as cluster bombs with depleted uranium casings that spread radioactive debris over hundreds of miles for future generations to be severely affected. Additional forms of killing of innocent civilians includes rifles, machine guns shot from the ground and helicopters, snipers, missiles fired from drones, napalm bombs dropped from planes, etc. etc. No one, except a few anti-war heroes, complains about these atrocities, yet a celebrity or sports figure gets outpouring of grief, prayers, group gatherings, newspaper articles, candle lite vigils, etc. etc. It really drives home the point to me that our minds have been brainwashed to totally disconnect mass killings in foreign countries carried out by the government from local killings of celebrities and sports figures. We are totally brainwashed and only a few of us, thanks to the continuous writings of people like you and the rest of the Lew Rockwell and other writers, even see the hypocrisy.

8:17 pm on December 2, 2012