Foreign Aid: Another Way to Distinguish Libertarians and Conservatives

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I have seen it reported in a magazine (not online) that Egypt has begun taking delivery of 10 F-16 fighter jets and 200 tanks, all paid for by the United States. Here is yet another way to distinguish libertarians and conservatives: foreign aid. Because the Egyptian president supposed called Jews “blood suckers” and “the descendants of apes,” many conservatives are outraged that Egypt is receiving U.S. foreign aid. The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) circulated a petition reading: “A Shariah dictatorship on Israel’s border – armed with American weapons – is a deadly threat to Israel and America. All U.S. funding to Egypt must be cut off until we can certify that aid to Egypt will help the national security interests of the United States and Israel.”

Libertarians would say that all U.S. funding to Egypt and any other country must be cut off immediately and permanently. It is nothing but the looting of the U.S. taxpayer. It is immoral. It is unconstitutional. Let Americans who want to support Egypt, Israel, or any other country send them checks. Libertarians are not conservatives, nor should they be.

4:18 pm on March 26, 2013