For One Reaganaut, Down Is Not Up

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Former Reagan Ambassador Faith Whittlesey rejects the Bipartisan Beltway Hot-Tub Crowd of Corruptos and tells the truth about conservatives and war:

“We conservatives must redefine our foreign policy in accordance with the prudence and caution of our Founding Fathers. As John Adams said, “We do not go abroad in search for monsters to destroy.” We should reread the history of empires that lost blood and treasure in foreign wars. The U.S. military and homeland security budgets consume resources that America can no longer afford to expend on arguably imprudent and utopian missions to remake other governments and cultures. Most Americans do not wish to be seen by the world as empire builders.”

Whittlesey, who was the highest-ranking woman in Reagan’s White House in between diplomatic assignments in Switzerland, already rankled the Neocon TroughDwellers Union when she reminded them that Ronald Reagan would never have invaded Iraq. But the neocons have ample funds and a bipartisan lapdog power base in Congress, so it’s unlikely that the GOP will heed Whittlesey’s call and come to its senses. Of course, comfortably ensconced in their dream-world (a.k.a. our long national nightmare), the trough-dwellers don’t care who’s in power,  as long as they keep raking in the dough.

1:43 pm on October 15, 2009