Food Freedom: The Controversial Truth About the BS Lies

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I’ve got to applaud a leading paleo guy, Robb Wolf, for his latest career effort – The Controversial Truth podcast. Robb is a biochemistry geek, a New York Times best-selling author, and a big wheel in the ancestral health movement. Most folks know him for his mega-selling book, The Paleo Solution, and his blog and podcast at Robb also travels all over the place, speaking on behalf of the principles of ancestral health. He is the only guy with a podcast who can address a host of very eclectic questions from readers on a wide array of topics, from health to body science to exercise science [and anything else in between].

Robb is also an open libertarian and, dare I say, an unabashed near-anarchist, and for that I applaud him. He is real, and that counts for a whole lot in my mind. Most of the paleos, or ancestral health folks, don’t dare to mix their science with politics and risk tarnishing their science reputation and grass roots popularity with pungent political truths. They fear turning off their readers, losing business, and the potential loss of monetizing their wealth of knowledge and readership numbers. Simple folks are often turned off by the brash honesty of multi-dimensional foot soldiers who dare to step up and just say it like it should be said. Thus, it is a very tedious process to gradually make your move into the fevered political sphere. Robb says this as a part of his intro to the new podcast:

I’ve waffled on even getting into this shit-pile but when we start talking about how to fix our food predicaments….its a complex, systemic issue.

He may have waffled, but his realness does not allow him to stay a gluten-loaded waffle for very long. He also notes:

I’ll do my best to keep most of my politics stuff over on the CT podcast, and I will be starting a different blog here which those of you who want to read and engage can do so, those of you who just want info on health and chow can bypass all this onerous politics stuff!

Okay, and that is a good warning to his readers who may be offended by his honesty and backbone. More and more, libertarians are understanding the absoute tyranny that is inherent in the government-subsidized, pharmaceutical-supported, Industrial Food Machine. Additionally, the ancestral health/paleo/primal folks are starting to let it rip on the hotter political topics that have a huge effect on their world. They are libertarian, and many of them are anarchos (or close to that space). Some are quiet about it, some tip-toe around it, and others, like Robb (and the fearless Nikoley), are taking on the Machine with fervor. Read them and listen to them. Note that Lew Rockwell has an upcoming podcast with Robb.

As for me, I will continue to do what I do, and that is, I will continue to study health and nutrition issues and live my paleo-primal lifestyle in terms of diet. I will stay active in the ancestral health movement and plug the virtues of its greatest thinkers. I’ll write often on food topics, defend food freedom, expose food politics, and attack the Industrial Food Machine, Big Pharma’s corporate state drug culture, and the government-influenced conventional wisdom concerning cholesterol and diet. It’s so hard to let go of something that is so easy to bring down.

8:54 pm on August 6, 2012