Flats Flattened in Philly

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The collapse of an apartment building in Philadelphia reportedly has a few tenants still trapped in the debris.  The non-governmental rescuers who immediately began pulling people from the rubble were run off by members of the fire department who arrived later. CNN continues to trumpet the important news: “OSHA investigators” are on their way to the site!  Will they be dirtying their hands with brick dust or getting splinters in their hands in looking for survivors, or will they more likely be spending their time searching for evidence of violations of OSHA work-regulations?  If you were one of the trapped tenants, which of the above groups of persons would you be most eager to see?

Barbara Boxer hasn’t yet popped into the media to explain the collapse as the product of global warming.  After all, the people who lived in that building probably owned cars, rather than relying on government transportation systems to get them to and from work!

10:32 am on June 5, 2013