Flash! Obama Will Run Against Bush!

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When Lyndon Johnson announced his nominee for the Supreme Court in 1965, I remember him saying, “I have searched across the depth and breadth of this land, and have found the best qualified lawyer, Abe Fortas (said very quickly, with a swallow and a cough)….”

Fortas was a man both fiscally and morally corrupt — not so bad as LBJ, perhaps, but bad enough.

Now Mitt Romney, having searched across the breadth and depths of this land, has found the best qualified foreign policy team to run his administration, reeking with its own brand of moral corruption: a passel of George W. Bush retreads — led by none other than the unspeakably foul Chertoff. The only one missing is Cheney, who pouted that he wouldn’t serve unless Obama apologizes first.

Would that this were just a cruel hoax, another self-important neocon eruption of ego and MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over). But the worst “do” rise to the top, like scum on the pond, and Romney has more money and more paid staff on the ground than all of his competition combined. The swill is closing in for the kill.

12:34 pm on October 7, 2011