Flash — Brand New Idea! May Start Trend!

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The British government might test the waters on a novel new concept — allowing employers to fire unproductive workers!

Of course, the stunning suggestion, almost unprecedented in its sheer audacity, was made in a “secret report” that was “leaked” — leaked obviously to inspire the British slugs and mugs to take to trashing the streets again, and have a Bastille Day they can call their own.

If you were wondering why Europe, the EU, and the Euro are going down, look no further. Europe has famously jettisoned its Christian roots. Alas, among those foundations was “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

Long ago, a common — and unsuccessful — plea of the thief before the Bar of Justice was, “But everybody does it!” Apparently, to get ahead in the deracinated Europe of today, everybody has to do it.

7:12 am on October 26, 2011