Flag Nazis

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If there is one thing that Americans worship as much as the military it is the American flag. Example one is something an LRC reader saw on Facebook:

I was at a flea market and someone was using a flag to cover his table. He was across from a table with 3 Vietnam Vets. Things were turning ugly when we walked up. I walked over to the guy with the flag and asked him if he knew he was causing a problem. He said “I don’t care. No one can tell me what I can do.” I told him I was not telling him what to do but I would give him $5.00 for the flag. He could either take the $5.00 and save face or refuse the $5.00 and get an a$$ beating. He took the $5.00.

Example two is the HGTV suggesting on its website the use of an American flag for a July 4th tablecloth. The network issued an apology and removed a link to the offending page.

Now, if we can just get American flags out of churches.

5:50 pm on June 12, 2013