Flag Day

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Today is Flag Day so it is a good time to ask why people wear flag lapel pins. Is it a way of saying “I’m an American”? That can’t be that because 99.99 percent of the people that will see the flag pin are also Americans. Is it a way of saying “I’m not a communist”? That can’t be because 99.99 percent of the people that will see the flag pin are also not communists. I really don’t think it means much of anything. I know to some that it means they support the troops. I know to others that it means they are patriotic, whatever that is supposed to mean.

What really bothers me is churches putting flags all over their property when Flag Day falls on a Sunday. I have personally seen it and it is disgusting. Another evil practice of some churches is reciting the Pledge to the flag on, or on the Sunday before, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Veterans Day. If you want to know why, then see this article of mine. I have also noticed in several different churches that individual Christians sometimes wear to church every Sunday a cross and flag lapel pin. But why they would put those two things together is a mystery to me.

Whatever the U.S. flag used to represent, since the so-called Civil War it has been a war flag. It doesn’t represent America. Perhaps it should. But it now represents an evil government with an evil empire.

And those are some random thoughts on Flag Day.

8:01 am on June 14, 2012