First Signs of the Yule Tide: “War on Christmas” Hysteria

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In what is perhaps the first volley of the tiresome and overblown “War on Christmas” war of words, the American Family Association has called for the banning of this Gap ad that is allegedly anti-Christmas.

Well, it’s certainly one of the stupidest commercials I’ve ever seen, but somehow I think Christmas will survive this vicious attack.

But, it is a nice reminder of the Christmas-themed culture war that the conservatives will subject us to yet again this year. I fail to see why taxpayer-funded municipal parades across America that fail to be explicitly Christian are oppressive only to Christians. They’re certainly oppressive to taxpayers, but that seems to bother no one.

Rockwell has a nice piece on this of course. Charlie Reese also has one.

1:42 am on November 27, 2009