First Maddow, Now Moore and Streisand

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It seems two more of the loudest voices of the Obamanable left wing cheering section are starting to have concerns with their “hope and change” president. Both Michael Moore and Barbra Streisand have come out against O-bomb-a’s Afghanistan troop escalation.

Moore has written an open letter to the President condemning his actions. Of course Moore, being a pathological liar, conveniently forgets that many Democrats voted for both the Iraq and Afghanistan criminal attacks by our government.

Streisand has not only come out against the Afghanistan escalation, but is also in favor of a Fed audit. Though Streisand herself doesn’t write essays on these matters, her website links to three anti-Afghanistan troop escalation articles and one audit the Fed article.

Who’s next? George Clooney? Sean Penn? I actually might be willing to hold my breath for one or both of these major Democrat cheerleaders to come out against the Afghanistan troop escalation as time goes on—and things don’t get better there.

Stay tuned.

12:34 am on December 5, 2009