Finding the Obvious

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Anyone who understands the least bit of political theory knows that Obamacare hands the State and its corporate cronies life-and-death power over us mere serfs while doing diddly to heal disease or relieve suffering.

Ergo, a “white paper” the Massachusetts Medical Society released in December 2011 doesn’t deliver any news, but it may help you persuade some of your commie friends that nationalizing medical insurance is the surest route to shortages and horrific, perhaps lethal, distress. Mutt Romney destroyed Massachusetts’ medical care six years ago, so conditions there predict what’s likely to descend nationwide with Obamacare. Among other evils, costs for care in Massachusetts remain among the highest in the country. There are also “access challenges,” which, translated from the Jargon, means too few doctors are indenturing themselves to the State to treat all the “patients” the law created.

Yep, rationing looms.

9:39 am on March 9, 2012