Finally, Some Good News About Social Security

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The granddaddy of all Ponzi schemes—Social Security—will, for the first time, pay out more than it takes in this year. For those of us cynics who have read Ludwig Von Mises’s Socialism, this is the best news since the fall of the Soviet Union. Once this socialist boondoggle starts to unravel—as more and more Baby Boomers retire in the next 10 years—there will be even less money coming into the Social Security system than is being paid out. Can the fall of Medicare and Medicaid be far behind? Uh…actually no, according to Gauleiter Tim Geithner. Geithner announced a few days ago that he and his fellow liars trustees have determined that Medicare is in fine fettle until at least 2029. Remember, Geithner is the same “trusty” person who, as head of the economy-“stabilizing” New York Federal Reserve Bank, never foresaw the crash of 2008 coming. The reason for Gauleiter Geithner’s optimism is because he believes that the 1000+ page Rothschild/Rockefeller Obama Health Care Plan will reduce the cost of Medicare. Sure, just like all government programs “reduce” the cost of anything they get involved with. And how does the government achieve these cost-“reducing” miracles all the time? By going trillions of dollars into debt. (“Hey Mom, I just bought a $750,000 Ferrari 599 on my $50,000 a year salary. Nope, it didn’t cost me a penny. How did I do it? I just borrowed the $750,000 to pay for it. Do I know how to reduce my costs, or what?”)

By the way, don’t you just love the title of the article: “It’s Official: Social Security System Now in the Red”? As far as I’m concerned, Socialist Insecurity was alwaysred.”

10:32 am on August 6, 2010