Finally, a Worthwhile Reason To Vote

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Writes Paul Valenzuela:

“I was just writing a post for Facebook when I read your Lew Rockwell blog post. Here is what I am posting to Facebook to make sure my circle of friends remembers how critical the democratic process really is:

Remember, the election is not a contrived rivalry like we were given in high school — Go West, Beat East! This election is about something truly important — who goes first. If candidate A wins, the warfare pig gets its snout in the trough first and the welfare pig has to go second. If candidate B wins, then welfare piggy will eat his fill before warfare piggy gets a turn. Don’t worry though, about either piggy losing any weight. As long as congress allows farmer Bernanke to grind the seed corn of future generations to fill the Keynesian trough for both piggies, he will keep on grinding.

So vote — knowing that at least your voice may have some minor impact on what late-night comedians say for the next 4 years.”

10:39 am on November 2, 2012