Field Studies of Private Education in Developing Countries

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Terry McIntyre writes

“I’d add one thing — critics of free-market education need to get out more, no offense intended.

“James Tooley has done extensive research in the poorest parts of India, China, Africa, and South America, and discovered that many of the poor prefer to send their children to parent-funded free-market schools. He interviewed and tested 24,000 students, which is about 24,000 more than the research of the ivory-tower or arm-chair critics of free-market education, and discovered that the private sector really does provide better education than the government sector.

“Tooley has written a number of books which sum up his results, including The Beautiful Tree, Reclaiming Education, and The Global Education Industry.” A free pdf of the second edition of The Global Education Industry is available here.

7:51 am on July 12, 2012