Feel Sorry for Their Families

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I am already hearing on the news about the poor U.S. soldiers having to celebrate Thanksgiving without their families in Afghanistan. I don’t care much for football, but from what I have seen in the past, there will be features of soldiers eating Turkey in some war zone. I don’t pity or feel sorry for U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan or anywhere else who have to miss Thanksgiving with their families since they have no business being overseas anywhere in the first place. They knew when they joined that they might be sent overseas. And I especially don’t pity or feel sorry for U.S. troops “fighting for our freedoms” in Afghanistan. I do feel sorry for the families of overseas soldiers fighting senseless foreign wars or needlessly occupying countries. And I also feel sorry for the families of all those that U.S. troops have killed in Afghanistan.

Many churches will have, or had last night, special Thanksgiving services in which the troops and vets were thanked for their service. On this Thanksgiving Day, the last thing I am thankful for is the U.S. military.

7:21 am on November 22, 2012