Federally Funded “Libertarianism”

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While discussing something else, the GetReligion Blog quotes this from a Washington Post article on federal funding of conservative organizations:

The Education Department awarded a $750,000 discretionary grant to the GEO Foundation, run by Kevin Teasley, a former staffer at the libertarian Reason Foundation and conservative Heritage Foundation, and conservative Center for the Study of Popular Culture, to “provide outreach and information” on public-school choice. The department also awarded $1.5 million over three years to the conservative Black Alliance for Educational Options, which was created in 2000 with support from such funders on the right as the Bradley, John M. Olin and Walton Family foundations, to provide information about the No Child Left Behind Act.

For those who still believe that voucherized school choice is a libertarian idea, let me ask you this: Does the state (knowingly) fund things that are truly a threat to itself?

10:42 am on March 23, 2006