Fedcoats, Fedbugs, Fedbloats, and Usuperistas

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You’ll recall our search for a “term…to describe all federal oppressors with derision, scorn and malice.” Here are several suggestions:

Nick Morana proposed Fedbugs: “More than a nuisance, difficult to get rid of, they creep into every fabric of the economy.” Hey, why limit it to the economy? They certainly don’t. “Extermination is the only solution.” Heh heh – but let’s be clear that we’re exterminating offices and paychecks, not the leeches loafing in one while robbing us for the other. When the Second Revolution comes, we hope to abolish government rather than the people who populate it. Revolutions that descend into bloodbaths don’t kill just politicians and bureaucrats: they destroy citizens and liberty, too.

Scott Airhart submitted a clever variation on Eli Cryderman’s original “Fedcoats”: “I like Fedbloats as a term for the bureaucrats who get bloated on our tax dollars.”

Finally, a friend in Moscow writes, “In light of your recent post about the ‘FEDcoats,’ I have a different name that may describe them in their true being – ‘Federalistas.’ But then maybe we should just go back 236 years and call them what they truly are – Usurpers (or maybe Usurperistas).”


8:57 am on January 23, 2013