Fed Transparency: Ron Paul on MSNBC

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(Thanks to Travis Holte)

Writes “long-time reader” Tim Frye:

Did you notice the best part of of this latest MSNBC video at the last few seconds? The host Chris Jansing says “very controversial proposal there – for the Congress to get involved with the Fed” and Dr Paul laughs at her in the perfect way. Of course, being the well-mannered, kind person he is, this was not the mean kind of laugh that some would conjure up as a cheap way to feel or appear superior. Rather, it was the innocent, spontaneous reaction of laughter given when you hear something so exaggeratedly opposed to reality that sarcastic humor is invoked. It was obviously his honest reaction to a farcical comment and a subtle, but perfect end to the segment. We should all laugh at the regime!

6:12 pm on November 17, 2010