FBI vs. Actress Jean Seberg

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I watched a movie starring Jean Seberg last night, and that led to this blog. The U.S. government showed its totalitarian face by harassing Seberg for years and driving her into nervous despair. A false story planted in the LA Times and Newsweek led to a miscarriage that killed her baby and eventually to her death (see the linked source). Here’s but one action the FBI took:

The Leadership has a basket of techniques, legal and illegal, to discredit, pressure and chop down people this malicious society considers its enemies in the mass society that it seeks to control. The FBI is a Leadership organization. The FBI hasn’t  changed one bit since the 1960s and 1970s. It now creates terrorists and terrorist incidents that never occur. This acts to align mass society in support of the FBI and the Leadership. The FBI has increased its spying on Americans since 9/11. The many federal police agencies are increasingly working with the local police. They are exporting their techniques, equipment and knowledge to local police, who are growing further apart from and against the mass society. The CIA and the military are part of this Leadership maneuvering to extend its national control deeper into the local institutions that are embedded more greatly in the mass society.

The model I am presenting is of two societies in opposition to one another: Leadership vs. Mass society.Americans in the mass society have placed their faith and trust in the Leadership. This has brought them much grief in return because the Leadership betrays the public trust for its own self-serving ends. The public is the mass society or Americans at large. It is in constant opposition to the Leadership and the Leadership to it, but the Leadership tries and succeeds in erasing this fundamental conflict by getting mass society to identify with Leadership. It wants mass society to think that there is one big happy family or society, and that the Leadership represents the public face of mass society and is part of it. The reality is that the Leadership controls mass society.

This two-society view is a model, a simplification, and therefore there will be exceptions to it. There are no perfect models for such complex human phenomena. Nonetheless, it’s designed by its abstraction and simplicity to help understand events that occur and see events in perspective. The model points out a fundamental opposition of the Leadership to the mass society of Americans or to Americans at large. If this opposition is taken as a postulate, it will explain Leadership actions. It explains, for example, why the predominant thrust of the Leadership is for controlling guns and ammunition. It would tax them out of the hands of peaceful Americans if this wouldn’t meet with resistance from the mass society.

The Leadership will take issues that divide mass society and use them to keep mass society divided. If this stance causes Leadership a problem, it will bob and weave and arrive at a new policy. There will be no evident morality or justice or public welfare serving as a criterion or means to understanding the policy positions of Leadership. It will switch positions for expediency, the goal being its own continued capacity to rule and control mass society.

7:44 am on December 21, 2012