FBI Dumps Soviet Poverty Law Center . . .

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. . . from its Web site as a source of lies and propaganda (er, oops, I mean, “information”) about “hate groups” and “hate crimes.”  By now it is well known by anyone who cares to look into it that the schtick of the hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center is to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in direct mail solicitations from the lowest of low-I.Q. leftists in America by telling them that, essentially, there is a KKK guy hiding behind every tree.  They equate the Ku Klux Klan and “Aryan Nation” to Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Yours Truly, and just about any public intellectual or organization that opposes the political agenda of the Lunatic Left.

This is perhaps a sign that the Republicans will take over the senate in the fall elections (not that that would make any difference).  The FBI budget prospects will not be enhanced by its use of SPLC propaganda to smear conservatives with a Republican-controlled House and Senate.  (Thanks to Travis Holte).

9:33 am on March 27, 2014