Fascist Regimes Control Public Education

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This is a comment on Bill Anderson’s blog about the suppression of a Missouri teacher.

It immediately brought to my mind a movie I watched recently named “Twenty Four Eyes” which is about a young girl who teaches school. The movie is Japanese and covers the years 1928-1945. The 24 eyes are those of her first 12 youngsters in grade school. The movie is not a polemic. As time passes and the children grow older, some of the boys want to join the military, and they do, and some are eventually killed in the war. But along the way she counsels them very simply that “You may be killed.” No big philosophy or anything, but a caring message for those who are young and think war means glory. But the word gets back to the principal and pretty soon she is being pressured to shut up. Eventually she quits teaching because of this.

Now I read Bill’s post and it brings home the fact that Amerika is indeed like fascist Japan was, and it is no exaggeration to say this.

9:35 pm on August 30, 2013