Fascist Birds of a Feather

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Endorsing the arrogant warmongering neocon Newt Gingrich is perfectly consistent for the Manchester Union-Leader, the biggest embarrassment of the Granite State. Read Kevin Cash’s Who the Hell Is William Loeb? Manchester, NH: Amoskeag Press, for the disgraceful decades’ long background of the Manchester Union-Leader under the vicious publisher William Loeb. No one will forget his scurrilous front page editorials, “Kissinger the Kike,” attacking Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, or “Jerry the Jerk,” slandering President Gerald Ford. The paper hasn’t changed its tabloid attack journalism under publisher Joseph McQuaid. Newt will fit in perfectly with this crew of Muslim-hating, un-American fascists (and I don’t throw out that term carelessly).

11:19 am on November 27, 2011