Fascism, American Style

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I trust all of us understand the cozy “partnership” between the airlines and governments at all levels — federal, state, and local — that prevents the industry from protesting the TSA’s abuse of its customers. If not, here’s a short article that explains why United, AirTran, JetBlue, et al, never utter a peep as the feds gate-rape us: “United, TSA Invest $40M in O’Hare Upgrades.” Yep, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, subsidies, and various other goodies that Our Rulers transfer from your pocket to these corporations buy their stunning silence.

Aviation has absolutely no incentive to please patrons. Airlines who’ve lost business file for bankruptcy until their political cronies bail them out with our money. That’s why the flight crew treats you like an unwelcomed intrusion on their time: because you are.

8:57 am on July 12, 2012