Far ‘Right’ Wingers Napolitano and Paul on SPLC Enemies List

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The liars over at the Southern Poverty (of Ideas) Law Center have placed Andrew Napolitano and Ron Paul on their Meet the ‘Patriots’ list. I love those single quotes around ‘Patriots.’ They’re meant to signify that Napolitano and Paul aren’t really patriots according to the Bankster puppets at the SPLC. Their idea of true patriotism is to support the fractional-reserve/wealth-destroying (for all except the Banksters) central banking system.

To prove that last sentence, here’s a part from their Napolitano rant:

“Napolitano has joined other conspiracy theorists in falsely claiming that efforts to expand affordable housing through the Community Reinvestment Act were responsible for the crash of the economy in 2008.”

And this one from their Paul rant:

“Whether he’s advocating…trashing the Fed, or returning to the gold standard…”

I rest my case.

1:16 pm on April 16, 2010