Falwell: A Vote for Bush is a Vote For Christianity

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In the wake of the elections, the “Rev.” Jerry Falwell has resurrected his Moral Majority. It was apparently originally called The Faith and Values Coalition (TFVC), but is now known as THE MORAL MAJORITY COALITION (TMMC).

Falwell said his group would capitalize on the momentum of the elections “to maintain an evangelical revolution of voters who will continue to go the polls to ‘vote Christian.'” Said Falwell: “On election night, I actually shed tears of joy as I saw the fruit of a quarter century of hard work. Nearly 116 million Americans voted. More than 30 million were evangelical Christians who, according to the pollsters, voted their moral convictions. I proudly say… they voted Christian!!”

So, voting for Bush is voting for Christianity? How can this be? In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Charles Gibson before the election, Bush said “he believes that both Christians and Muslims worship the same God.” According to Bush: “I think we do. We have different routes of getting to the Almighty.” Bush’s lack of knowledge of true Christianity is appalling. But of course, 1,270 dead U.S. soldiers already knew that. And now, there are reports of the U.S. using napalm in Fallujah. When will Christians wake up to this man?

On a more comic note, part of Falwell’s three-fold platform is “the election of another socially, fiscally, and politically conservative president in 2008.” This is too funny for words.

5:36 pm on December 5, 2004