Facebook Generates Racism and “White Flight”

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Another bunch of crazed, Marxist, diversity-police sociologists have a new problem for America to address: desegregation on social networking sites. The latest social debacle in this country is that “white, upper-class and college-bound teenagers are migrating to Facebook” (moving out of the neighborhood) and “less educated and nonwhite teenagers” are being left behind, in the ghetto of MySpace. The problem remains that people tend to socialize with other people of their own culture with common backgrounds, interests, and ideals. Horrible, horrible. Here’s a snippet from one of the Diversity Police:

Why the social stratification? Probably because “people use these sites to connect with people they already know,” Ms. Hargittai says. “And people tend to have friends like them.”

People tend to have friends like them? Say it isn’t so! Also from the article:

Her research also seems to support Ms. Boyd’s contention that social media “mirrors and magnifies” our social divisions, rather than removes them. “We can use technology as a tool to connect with people, but we can’t assume that it will eliminate all of the serious issues we have to face in this country,” Ms. Boyd said at PDF. “Pervasive social stratification is being reified in a new era. If we don’t address this head-on, inequality will develop deeper roots that will further cement divisions in our lives.”

Ms. Hargittai said that the division of race and ethnicity on social networking sites is only getting more pronounced. We gotta do something about this! The whacko nutjob, Danah Boyd, another angry researcher of social divisions, said this:

“What we’re seeing is a modern incarnation of white flight,” Ms. Boyd said. “It should scare the hell out of us.”

Maybe we should just enforce busing on Facebook . Set up quotas on both Facebook and MySpace, and where those quotas don’t line up, the government should bus white folks from the suburbs of Facebook to the inner city of MySpace by closing down their accounts and locking their computers out of potential Facebook registration. Of course, to enforce that, we’ll have to have a whole new set of rules for purchasing computers so that they are all registered like a handgun. Then it’ll be a federal crime to alter your computer and hack your way into Facebook if you were banned from it for diversity reasons. This could create millions of jobs for security and IT people, as well as sociologists, psychologists, social workers, and diversity professionals with doctorates. However, the problem remains how to get minorities, who voluntarily open up accounts on MySpace, to do the same on Facebook? Since it is a free service and requires voluntarily participation, there can be no affirmative action program. That means only one thing: let the purge begin on Facebook.

Thus this is clearly a conundrum that has me frightened for the future of America. I’m losing sleep over it already.

5:13 am on August 8, 2009