Fabulous Old Right Essay From… Ted Rall!?!

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Don’t miss this excellent essay from Ted Rall, THEY FIGHT AND DIE, BUT NOT FOR THEIR COUNTRY. He carefully lists all the instances where the U.S. has been invaded (1812, 1846) and then points out that “During the ensuing 158 years, no member of the U.S. military has fought or died while repelling an invader.” He argues that while various bad things may have happened absent U.S. intervention, “those problems wouldn’t have been ours.” Except for a passing reference to “Arab oil-guzzling SUV”, this essay could have been written by Flynn, Garrett, Taft, Rockwell, Raimondo, Buchanan or any other past or present advocate of the foreign policy of the Old Right.

But here is the fun part. To the right of his column, the website lists him along with “Other liberal writers”. Under that is another list of writers “From the other side”: Buckley, Coulter, etc. What is so wonderfully ironic is to see this hard-core Old Right essay listed as being the very opposite of the writers of the official Right. Oh what a mixed up world!

12:19 am on December 2, 2004