Exterminationist Rhetoric from the “Christian” Right

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If there is a national radio personality more abrasively ignorant than Michael Reagan, God in His mercy has concealed him from me.

Reagan is a tangle-tongue with a wit as dull as a tongue depressor and a tiny mind filled to its brim with pre-chewed partisan sound-bites. He is an idiot of such magnitude he makes the incurable dim-wit Sean Hannity look like Wittgenstein. His sole claim to notoriety is the cachet of his father’s name.

A few days ago, Reagan fils was in Alaska, where he was anointing the Republican faithful with what he assured them was the distilled wisdom of his father.He was introduced by Gov. Palin, who (along with the oleaginous fraud Mitt Romney and the rustic fascist Mike Huckabee) is a frontrunner for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.

Like all GOP-aligned talk show hosts, Reagan is an ardent defender of war, torture, the creation of a domestic surveillance state, and full-bodied authoritarian rule in the struggle against “Islamo-fascism.” But he may be the only talk radio personality of national reach who has suggested that Arab infants be sodomized with high explosives and then killed, along with their mothers.

It’s important to note that this obscene proposal began as a specimen of Michael Reagan’s signature wit (notice as well how the moron fumbles the punchline: Do people actually “light” grenades, Mike?). But when he’s challenged by a very composed and rational caller, Mike curls up into a bilious little ball of defensiveness and reiterates his “joke” as a serious policy proposal.

All of this comes from a guy who advertises himself as a Born-Again Christian, a pro-lifer, and an advocate for abused children. His show is presently carried on an internet-based network created by the American Family Association, which otherwise looks askew at people who endorse the murder and sexual defilement of children.

Since the elevation of His Imperial Holiness Obama the Blessed (peace be upon him) to the presidency we’ve been treated to plenty of manifestations of the malignant militancy of the Left. The fact that someone like Michael Reagan can peddle Nazi-style exterminationist rhetoric and still be treated as a political sage in “Christian Right” circles should remind us that Red-State Fascism remains a potent and growing force for evil, as well.

2:39 am on June 6, 2009