Exploiting Welfare Will Destroy the “System”–Not

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A number of you were kind enough to write me in response to yesterday’s post on the thievery unofficial leeches in the Bronx commit via food-stamps. Most of you pointed out that there is nothing new in this, that recipients of welfare have pulled such scams for decades; indeed, welfare is synonymous with fraud (and allow me to point out that while we can and should revile those folks who succumb to “free” money, this tendency is a natural human failing. So let’s direct most of our anger at the pols and bureaucrats stealing our wealth in the first place). You usually included either studies to substantiate your claims or personal anecdotes of people you knew years ago exploiting ADC, housing subsidies, etc.

However, a few of you chided me for reviling such folks. They’re heroes, these correspondents told me, undermining the system. One day it will collapse, so therefore we should celebrate their theft.

There’s just one problem with this roseate view of greedy socialism: nigh a century of it hasn’t destroyed the “system” yet.

So go ahead and idealize the thief who stole the money that the first thief stole from you. Alas, common sense and morality prevent my joining you.

10:25 am on July 31, 2013