Executive Branch Illegalities Go Unsanctioned

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Now that the U.S. is openly arming groups in Syria, it has openly admitted that it has been training rebels for several years in secret bases in Turkey and Jordan. Up to now, those who reported or wrote of this were using other sources of information as here. The Guardian reported this on March 8, 2013. The U.S. had to admit this because of these reports, if nothing else. Obama likes to conduct his wars in secret.

When I speak of “illegalities”, I mean that the executive branch of the U.S. government constantly breaks either the Constitution, international laws, solemn pledges it has signed, treaties it has signed, or laws it has previously made (passed by Congress and signed by some president). Even if there were no moral case against the U.S. actions, which there is, there is a legal case (and a pragmatic case).

There has been no war declared on Syria. There is no Syrian aggression against the U.S. There is no legal basis for training rebels or arming them. The U.S. government is an outlaw rogue regime, constantly lying, constantly manipulating information as in this case, constantly hiding critical information, and worthy only of great disrepect.

I was on target 16 months ago in laying out the big picture on the U.S. vs. Syria. I was off target in suspecting U.S. troops would enter Syria last December, but not off target in suspecting that a U.S. escalation lay ahead.

What I argued 16 months ago and still argue is that the U.S. actions are all part of an anti-Russia and anti-China strategy that basically continues the Cold War by creating a U.S. presence that surrounds these two countries. The U.S. showed early on that this was what it was up to in its NATO and missile policies. It showed this in Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, now in Syria and in its attempts to get at Iran. The turn to the Pacific shows this.


7:28 am on June 22, 2013