Example #785,098,908,543,231 of the State’s Double Standards

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Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NB), good commie that he is, doesn’t appreciate passengers with first-class tickets or “elite status” from their airlines moving to the head of the TSA’s interminable lines for faster groping. “Allowing a select few to cut in front of those who are waiting patiently, just in order to provide a perk, has nothing to do with safety,” says the leech who sits in Congress rather than the CEO’s seat at any airline. Yeah, afta all, dis is Merika, and all da slaves oughter wait da same numba ah hours ta get molested, right?

And so Ben has — what else? — introduced legislation that will end not the TSA and its atrocities but this unpatriotic perk, though “Charlie Leocha, director of the Consumer Travel Alliance, … noted that he has never received a complaint about air travelers who get to move faster through security checkpoints.”

Naturally, Ben’s “bill, while prohibiting airports and airlines from establishing ‘expedited security lines for specific categories of passengers’ would allow the Transportation Security Administration to operate fast-track screening programs,” such as PreCheck.

1:15 pm on April 4, 2012