Evil Triumphs When Good People Vote

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Ambiguous, unclear, nonsensical, and misleading—that is what I think of a short article on voting I just read in a religious publication in the Bible Belt. Okay, it is out of Texas. Here is the relevant paragraph:

The upcoming election of November 6 this year should be very much in our prayers. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing. Add to urgent prayer the exercise of our individual vote, and the educational input we can have in informing our fellow citizens of the issues at stake. Any action we take ideally will reflect our dedication to the values that are set forth in Holy Writ. If God is going to commend us for our deeds done in the body (and He is), then the body-politic must also be an area of service. The liberties that God has blessed us with deserve our diligence in preserving them. More than ever before, the culture—political and social—of this day requires that we take a stand, a stand that is in complete harmony with the Word of God and a stand from which He will receive glory. It desirably will be that the election results will reflect our prayers and concerns, and will rebound with our praise for what God has brought to pass.

As I have said before, why doesn’t the writer just say “Vote Republican” and spare us this nonsense. That is exactly what this conservative Christian wants voters to do. Sorry, but evil will triumph whether Obama or Romney is elected. Our liberties will be further destroyed whether Obama or Romney is elected.

7:39 pm on September 27, 2012