Evil “Bipartisan” Mutual Butt Kissing

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I just heard on the evening news that Dumbo Joe Biden is giving Bob Dole, the reason why the GOP is called “The Stupid Party,” an award for all his efforts at “reducing world hunger.”

It is certain that Bob Dole (the former Viagra television commercial spokesman) never took a single dollar out of his own pocket to help out a malnourished person in the Third World.  He was, however, a champion of “foreign aid” in the form of using taxpayer dollars to buy up surplus food produced by Kansas (and other) farmers (in surplus because of government price supports) and sending it to Third World countries.  This whole agri-corporate welfare scam, however, INCREASES world hunger by causing food prices in those countries to plummet, often destroying the profits from domestic farming.  Thousands of unemployed farmers and farm workers then flee to the cities where unemployment is already high, making the situation even worse.

Bob Dole deserves to be bullwhipped in public, not showered with awards.

5:08 pm on December 11, 2013